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We are a home bakery and DO NOT have a physical location. 
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The Little Owl by Albrecht Durer c. 1506

Hi, I'm Lisa and I never, ever thought I would be baking and making cake art for you. 

The truth is, after a particularly rough spot in my life, I saw a cake  similar to what I make now while scrolling through Instagram. I had one of those moments that you hear people talk about. You know, those times when people get a feeling in their gut about something that changes the course of things? Well, that's how it started. I followed that feeling and it led me to you.

I have always loved food and creating, and my husband and I used to own a cooking school for kids. This company naturally transitioned itself from a cooking school for kids, to a mobile birthday party business, to a creative cake business. I straight up couldn't do this without the support of my husband, family and friends.   

Why Little Owl? 

I have loved and been drawn to owls since I was a child. Their calls, their mysterious elusiveness, their quiet flight; they seem to constantly show up to me in different ways. I'm always learning about and from them. One of my biggest inspirations is our son, who is my favorite Little Owl.    

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