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cake flavors

Vanilla Sheet Cake with Organic Cream Cheese or Buttercream

This cake is moist and dense topped with organic and luscious cream cheese frosting
(add homemade lemon curd for an extra zing!)

Chocolate Sheet Cake with Nutella or Chocolate Buttercream

A rich chocolate cake made with luxurious chocolate buttercream. Classic and comforting

Brown Sugar Sheet Cake with Biscoff Buttercream 

This cake is made with moist brown sugar which gives it a unique caramelized flavor. The buttercream is made with traditional European Biscoff Cookie Butter

Banana Sheet Cake with Homemade Caramel Drizzle and Organic Cream Cheese Frosting or Biscoff Buttercream

A moist, yet light and fluffy banana cake drizzled with a from scratch caramel sauce and topped with caramel buttercream

Brownie Cake with Organic Cream Cheese or Nutella Buttercream

A decadent brownie that's both fudgy and cakey, 
baked with a hint of real espresso. 
(add our caramel drizzle for some sizzle!)


Pumpkin Sheet Cake with Organic Cream Cheese or Biscoff Buttercream

This cake is a traditional pumpkin cake complete with all the seasonal spices you know and love. This is one of my personal favorites!

Strawberry Cake with Berry Jam Buttercream or Strawberry Basil Buttercream

You won't find food coloring here, but you will find a cake that's fresh and flavored delicately with real strawberries. Choose either our more subtle Berry Jam buttercream made with Austin Jam Company's Jam Session jam, or our more adventurous option, Strawberry Basil buttercream. 


Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These delectable cookies are made with browned butter to give them a characteristic nutty flavor and finished with Maldon sea salt

A Baker's Dozen (13 cookies): $20


Sandwich Cookie

Your choice of frosting  sandwiched by 2 oversized Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 f or  $15




Single Letter/Number/Shape Cake: $130
 14-22+ servings, depending on the letter/number/shape and serving size

One single letter/number/shape cake in portrait orientation 

Double Digit/Letter Cake: $210
serving size varies
Two single digit cakes in a landscape orientation 

Holy Sheet Cake: $160

30-40+ servings
An entire half-sheet cake bottom layer with a single number/letter/shape on top

*for two numbers add $20

Short Stack: $75 for 2 letters or numbers 
2-4 servings per letter or number
*one flavor only
*two flavors will be an additional $20

Baby Cakes: $40 
Baby Cakes are two 4" double layered round or heart-shaped cakes 
*one flavor only
*two flavors will be an additional $20

Custom Macarons: $35+
12 French macarons from a local artisan--some will go on your cake and you take the rest home


Custom Sugar Cookies: $35+
12 custom sugar cookies in your design from a local artisan-- some will go on your cake and you take the rest home


Brigadeiros: $35 
12 Brigadeiros from a local artisan -- some will go on your cake and you take the rest home

From Scratch Lollipops: $15 

From Scratch Lemon Curd: $10

From Scratch Caramel Drizzle: $10

From Scratch Raspberry Filling: $10

single letter/number/shape cake
double digit cake landscape orientation

Each cake is mindfully baked and uniquely designed to order and may include a combination of the following: non-edible flowers or succulents, organic fruit, homemade meringues, homemade sugar sea glass, chocolates, candies, dried fruit and/or other various accoutrement.

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